Debt Settlement Litigation


State statutes protect families from unfair and deceptive practices by companies who purport to assist in settling or adjusting their debt.   These protections typically include limitations on the fees such companies can charge, rules governing business conduct, and prohibitions against misleading or deceptive representations.

Consumers who have been victimized by such business are typically afforded significant statutory remedies, including refund of fees paid, punitive damages, and recovery of attorney fees and litigation costs. 

If you have engaged the services of a business to help you settle or adjust mounting debt and believe that you have been mislead, please contact us to discuss your rights as a consumer.

The Scott Law Group, P.S. has been involved in debt settlement litigation involving the following companies.  Where available, click on the company name for more information about that matter:

    American Debt Settlement Group, LLC

    Capital Debt Relief, LLC

    Consumer Legal Services America, Inc

    Debt Care USA, Inc.

    Debt Relief Center, Inc.

    Debt Shield, Inc.

    DR Options LLC (dba Debt Relief Options LLC)

    Fidelity Debt Solutions, LLC

    Freedom Debt Center

    Freedom Fidelity Management, Inc (dba Freedom Financial Management)

            Jimmy G. Phan, owner of Freedom Fidelity Management

    GHS Solutions, LLC

    Global Debt Management, LLC

    GreenByPhone, Inc.

    J Hass Group, LLC

    LDL Freedom Enterprises (dba Financial Crossroads)

    Lexxiom, Inc.

    Lifeguard Financial, Inc.

    Lifeguard Financial, LLC

    Lloyd Ward, PC

    Lloyd Ward & Associates, PC

    Lynch Financial Solutions, Inc. (dba Financial Solutions Legal Center)

    National Consumer Legal Services, Inc.

    National Credit Assistance, LLC

    Nationwide Support Services, Inc.

    SCF State Capital Financial, Inc.

    The Lloyd Ward Group, PC

    The Mortgage Law Group, LLP

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