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We have pursued claims of people who have been harmed by:

  1.     Identity theft and identity fraud

  2.     Pharmaceutical drugs

  3.     Deceptive Internet practices

  4.     Deceptive debt settlement & debt adjustment firms

  5.     Negligently caused wild fires

  6.     Unfair wage and employment practices

  7.     Sexual abuse

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  1.    Defectively manufactured home and consumer products

  2.     Asbestos contaminated attic insulation

  3.     Defective in-wall electrical heaters

  4.     Fraudulent consumer billing practices

  5.     Deceptive sale of securities

  6.     Civil rights violations


Community Health Systems (dba Rockwood Health Systems)

On August 18, 2014, Community Health Systems (doing business as Rockwood Health Systems) disclosed for the first time its electronic information system had been breached, resulting in the theft of personal identification information of approximately 11 million of its customers. ...


Rucker v. Spokane County litigation update

A final fairness hearing was held on February 25, 2015 in the matter Rucker, et al. v. Spokane County, at which the Class Settlement Agreement was granted final approval. ...


Fidelity Debt Solutions litigation update

A final fairness hearing was held on January 9, 2015 in the matter Heersink v. Fidelity Debt Solutions, LLC, et al., at which the Class Settlement Agreement was granted final approval. ...

Our legal efforts often focus on the use of class actions and other civil procedures that permit people to join forces to seek legal redress for injuries they have suffered in common.  


The Scott Law Group in the News

Today’s Politico magazine cover story by Ketema Ross describes issues in public stigma of mental illness, and civil rights in mental health care. ...


Scott Law Group Files Class Action Against Student Loan Relief Companies

In March, 2015, The Scott Law Group lawyers filed a class action against several out-of-state companies claiming to offer student loan “debt relief.” ...


National Consumer Protection Week

The Scott Law Group (“SLG”) is proud to recognize National Consumer Protection Week.  SLG represents consumers in national and local class actions against businesses engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices ...

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