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Washington’s Debt Adjusting Act places strict limitations on the fees that a debt settlement company may charge.  A debt settlement company’s initial fee may not exceed $25. A company may not take fees exceeding 15% of any one payment made by the consumer.  Total fees may not exceed 15% of the consumer’s originally original debt  (RCW 18.28.080). 

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Important Case Documents:

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Washington Debt Adjusting Act - RCW 18.28

This is the statute in Washington state that governs the practices of companies offering debt adjustment services.

WA Supreme Court opinion in re Carlsen v Global Client Solutions

This is a recent opinion issued by the Washington Supreme Court that discusses the Washington Debt Adjusting Act.

Important Case Updates

This section will provide periodic updates on developments regarding our litigation efforts against Century Negotiations, Inc.  You may periodically visit this site to keep abreast of new developments, you may also subscribe above to the RSS feed for this website to be informed when new updates are posted.

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The Scott Law Group is currently pursuing claims against Century Negotiations, Inc. on behalf of individual Washington residents, alleging predatory fee practices and seeking monetary recovery for the consumer.  If you are interested in pursuing your rights against Century Negotiations, Inc. you may contact us by phoning our toll-free number at 888-955-3966.

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If the debt settlement company contracts for or receives fees exceeding the limits provided for under Washington law, the contract is void and the debt settlement company must return to the consumer all fees paid (RCW 18.28.090). The company, further, has committed a business crime (RCW 18.28.190) as well as committed an unfair and deceptive business practice.  RCW 18.28.185).  A consumer, therefore, is entitled to recovery of attorney fees, litigation costs, and potentially punitive damages of up to three-times the fees they paid.